T-Shirt, Polo Shirt, Sweat Shirt


  • Strong Desing
  • Wiith our professional Merchandiser Team focusing on production and simplifying the operations
  • Innovation in design
  • High sewing quality
  • Variety garnish fabrics
  • All tests and quality reports on fabrics
  • Innovation in fabrics
  • Competitive price



With the variety fabric catalogues from hundreds of manufacturer from all around Turkey.

  • With our strong Merchandiser team,
  • We provide constant newness in models as well as fabric,
  • High quality standards in the garments as well as the fabric,
  • and have a faultless timing for shipment with the best competitive price.

We provide a pleasurable environment for our customers to work in.

Woven: Jacket - Suit - Waistcoat

  • Rich collection
  • Variety of jacket fabrics
  • Variety of interlining fabrics
  • Variety of buttons
  • Variety of accessories
  • High quality standard
  • Excellent fits on Pattern-Block
  • High quality on workmanship
  • Quality on fabric and interlining
  • Quality on packing and shipments

We serve our customers Best with a strong Merchandiser team at woven jacket department .

Woven: Denim - Chino

Turkey, with its high technology and innovation, is the leader in denim fabric. In Denim Fashion Wear, Turkey brings innovation to the markets and sets the rules for fashion.
And Us as Mefeteks,
We take full advantage of our country’s resources and technologies in producing denim
And provide our customers with those so that they can add new collections to their own catalogs.

  • With variety fabric catalogue from decades fabric manufacturer
  • With hunders of interlining fabrics option
  • With hundreds of different inner belts and fabrics
  • With thousands of different buttons options
  • With competitive pricing and shipment on time

For years, we have been getting amazing reviews from our customers.




A shoe represents a person`s style and quality.

  • In factories which produce for the best brands around the world
  • Constantly renewing collections
  • %100 Leather Processed with high technology
  • With our dynamic Merchandiser team

We put our signature on Our Costumer`s style and quality